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If you feel like learning Spanish is something you should be doing, you’re quite right! The very best way to learn a language is to speak it as often as possible with native speakers of that language, enabling you to pick up the correct flow and feel of the phrasing as soon as possible.

We have certified native speakers, interacting with students either individually or in small groups, in a convenient online environment so that you can fit your studies into your lifestyle. We follow Common European Framework of Reference for Languages standards, so you can be sure you’re learning Spanish at internationally recognized skill levels.

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Group classes are led by native teachers, are 60 minutes long, typically have 5 students, and are organized according to the level and interests of participants, in order to achieve the best possible learning results for everyone. During the class, your teacher will encourage every student to participate, so that everyone makes progress. For example, by going over exercises or making a round of questions, students should easily retain the content of the class.

In our 60-minute private classes, students are able to learn intensively with a private teacher via Skype™. Focusing on each student’s individual level, interests, and goals, private classes are the most effective way to achieve impressive learning results in a shorter period of time. Your teacher will prepare a class based on your personal needs and during the class, you will receive direct explanations, correction, and feedback in order to instantly improve your language skills.

Why learn Spanish?
And how?

Globalisation and technology are making it increasingly important (and possible) to communicate with the over 6 billion people that live around the globe. Spanish is an incredibly global language and its influence on today’s world is growing at a fast pace. Communication is at the core of today’s world, whether you need to speak to friends or acquaintances, wish to conduct business negotiations or are using social media. The Internet is making it easier to educate yourself online, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to learn Spanish?

The Spanish language is spoken by over 470 million native speakers worldwide, spread over more than 20 countries. It is a crucial language in today’s globalized world and the key to Latin America which is a strong business partner of many countries across the planet. Knowing Spanish will give you an undeniable advantage both in the workplace and the job market.

Spanish-speaking culture is also fascinating and worth knowing. We can assure you that watching movies such as ‘Y tu mamá también’ in their original version is much more enjoyable than having to rely on subtitles or, worse, dubbing.

To put it in a nutshell, learning Spanish is the key to opening up a whole world of opportunity and our online Spanish school is a tremendous opportunity to help you achieve your goals.

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