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Online language courses in virtual classrooms. Learn together with real teachers and students from all over the world. You can see, hear and interact with each other – like in a traditional language school, just online.

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3 difficulty levels

Choose from Light, Standard, or Intensity class, depending on how many hours you need per month. You can change the tempo at any time if you find the course too difficult or not challenging enough.

Classes For Every Type Of Learner

Whether for students just beginning their language studies or for more advanced students, there are classes to suit everyone. You can choose your starting level when you begin your course. If you’re unsure, we can help you determine your starting level and pick the best curriculum for your needs.

7-day money-back guarantee

In the first 7 days after your first purchase, you can cancel your course without explanation. Simply write us an email and we will refund your payment immediately.
Real teachers for all learning levels from A1 to C2

Learners will have personal 1-on-1 interaction with their qualified teacher or take part in group conversations where there is a small online gathering of three to five people. This is very different to traditional language schools where there could be twenty or so attendees in one classroom.

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Classes Available 24/7

You can build your own, personal timetable. Group classes and private classes are available anytime 24/7.

Native-Speaking Teachers

All of our teachers are fluent in English and native speakers of the language they teach. They are highly qualified and trained to teach in an online environment to give their students the best possible learning experience.

Includes Learning Materials

All teaching materials are included in the course. Get a complete online library of exercises, homework and PDF tutorials about grammar and vocabulary.

Official Certificates

Every time you complete a course at a certain level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2, you will receive an official language certificate to confirm the level of your language skills.

Certified lessons and curriculum

All our lessons and our curriculum follow the international CEFR standards.

Obtaining CEFR Certificate

Enables you to book classes according to your current ability level. There are various topics to choose from, allowing the course to be personalized to suit your own needs and interests, and no matter which topics are selected, you will receive a CEFR certificate each time you complete a level.

These certificates then serve as proof of your intensive learning up to that point. They can be used to show prospective employers, universities or other educational institutions and are considered tangible evidence of your language capabilities. You are able to obtain all CEFR certificates, from A1 to C2.

We firmly believe that students progress best when they are allowed to study at their own pace, focusing on topics that interest them. For this reason, you are able to take as many or as few classes per day as you wish.

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